Friday, 1 May 2009


well its been a tough month, sorry for not updating sooner but i have had the most horrendous time at work which got me totally down and made me put dieting in the background.... not a good idea as i have put on a grand total of 4lbs.
yesterday saw the start of me jumping back on the diet wagon with a renewed enthusiasiam and more determination than you can shake a lowfat stick at. me time is here again, woohoo.
i did my exercises this morning and am just about to have breakfast so i shall report on my hopeful weightloss next week.
i hope everyone else is keeping their chin up and taking those bad days as a glip not a catastrophe.
see you next week or sooner if i fancy it.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

damn and blast

i was a bit fed up when i weighed in this morning as i have only lost a meesly pound, just one lonely little pound, i was hoping for 2 but i think i was being a tad greedy and i should be pleased that i lost rather than put on i suppose.
to top it off i had a creme egg today but i did allow for that in my points, doesnt matter though as i feel totally guilty about it and its given me a man dose of indegestion, ha, that will teach me then.
i promise to do better this week.
on the up side i feel a lot fitter than i did 2 weeks ago as i am doing exercise every day and am loving doing my kickboxing routine.

Sunday, 15 March 2009


hi all, well i weighed in on the 12th and i lost 4.5lbs, so thats 9.5lb in 2 weeks, woohoo.
i am now very positive that i will carry on with this weightloss journey.
today i managed half an hour on the wii fitness trainer then i did half an hour of kickboxing. allthis exercise is helping me stay focused as i can feel myself slowly getting fitter.
i have just had a lovely roast pork dinner (lean pork) and it was only 5.5 points as i sprayed the potatoes with oil then roasted them, so very low fat roast tatties and they tasted great too. fruit salad for pudding. yummy.
still not missing chocolate, if only giving up smoking was this easy.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

feeling rough

today i have been feeling ill with a stomach bug that i think started to surface on sunday whilst i was at work.
not felt like eating since yesterday but have forced myself to eat toast and crackers, hopefully i will feel better tomorrow when i weigh myself.

Friday, 6 March 2009

wii fitness coach

this is a great game on the wii, i managed to do an hour of it today and i am surprised how better and more full of energy i am after doing this. it is boosting my energy every time i do it which is keeping me motivated to stick to this diet even more.
going shopping this evening and will buy some more lowfat cakes, they are my treat.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

weigh day

so it has been a week since i started my ww diet and today is weigh in day.
i weighed myself and i have lost a fantastic 5lb. i feel like i want to tell everyone but i wont cause i want to lose more and i want people to notice, anything to boost my determination.
i had another good day yesterday and the weightloss has made me more determined to carry on having good days with no cheating.

Monday, 2 March 2009

i survived the weekend....

well i actually did it, i survived the weekend at work where there are takeaways, biscuits, crisps, absolutely anything fatty is there but i was soooo good it was unbelieveable.
thank god for ww cakes, they are great and low in points so they are my fave treat at the moment.
i feel like i have lost some weight, just won't know how much till thursday.
i also went on the fitness coach game on the wii today and i can see me doing that every day, its so much fun and its a start in the right direction.
well thats it for now but i will be back tomorrow most probably.