Friday, 1 May 2009


well its been a tough month, sorry for not updating sooner but i have had the most horrendous time at work which got me totally down and made me put dieting in the background.... not a good idea as i have put on a grand total of 4lbs.
yesterday saw the start of me jumping back on the diet wagon with a renewed enthusiasiam and more determination than you can shake a lowfat stick at. me time is here again, woohoo.
i did my exercises this morning and am just about to have breakfast so i shall report on my hopeful weightloss next week.
i hope everyone else is keeping their chin up and taking those bad days as a glip not a catastrophe.
see you next week or sooner if i fancy it.


  1. Welcome Back on the wagon Jackie. Although I am very focused on my own diet road I do know how hard it is from many past experiences. Keep going and the good will overcome the bad. good look for next weeks WI. x

  2. Keep going, you will be glad you did, this is such a good idea doing a dieting blogg. i might just pinch the idea too if you don't mind. I look forward to hearing more from you.